About Us

Kisol Artesanias is a manifestation of my creativity through different mediums

Beginnings of Kisol

Kisol Artesanías is a team effort built upon new experiences and curiosity. Being in the midst of a pandemic, Kisol Artesanías has brought us a lot of comfort and light, something positive to focus on and cultivate while our surroundings reflected a different energy. This journey has had its ups and downs, putting ourselves out there, learning to build a website, and how to market was new (and not easy) but a challenge we were willing to accept!

We hope that our products bring you the same delight we felt when planning and creating them, we all deserve some light on our lives 🌞

Our Amazing Team

El corazon de Kisol Artesanias

Kimberly Hernandez Castro

Creative Head

Frank Smith

Marketing Director


Featured Artist

Pending Featured Artist!